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NEET MDS Preparation

Tips for NEET MDS Aspirants

When admissions to almost all the colleges/universities offering an MDS degree course are thorough one examination,
NEET MDS, students often worry that the preparation may be difficult. Many even drop the idea of a master’s degree just to avoid preparing for another examination. However, NEET MDS preparation can become a lot easier if you know a few simple tips and tricks. This article, ‘how to prepare for NEET MDS’, contains pointers that will help you plan the preparation phase better. These 10 tips to prepare for NEET MDS examination, if followed, will help you perform better. 
Let’s start.

Tip#01: Starting the preparation early

The first tip for NEET MDS preparation is to start early. The best time to start preparing for NEET MDS is while you are in the
fourth year. Out of the 17 subjects included in the syllabus of NEET MDS, you will be preparing for 8 during the last year of formal education. These 8 subjects also happen to have a greater weightage as compared to the others in NEET MDS.

However, if you were unable to start your preparation during the last year of BDS, the next best time to start your preparation is at least 10 months before the examination. To complete the entire NEET MDS syllabus, you will need 10-12 months.

Tip#02: Refer to the question papers of previous years

NEET MDS question papers are a must for those starting their preparation. Referring to the question papers of the previous years will give you an idea of what to expect in the examination. They will also help you understand what type of questions can be asked in NEET MDS. The National Board of Examinations (NBE) does not release the question papers of NEET MDS, which makes it difficult to find them online. However, the solved questions papers of NEET MDS are available in many books.

Tip#03: Choosing the right books

Books play a very important role in determining the outcome of your preparation. A good book can help you cover many important points in a few hours. For the preparation of NEET MDS, you will have to refer to several other books apart from the ones that you already have read during your BDS degree course. To choose the right reference books, you must consult your seniors and professors. Make a list of all these books and try to find the best one you. Remember, the books that a good for one student may not be the best for another. Thus, the reference books that you choose must be according to your understanding.

Tip#04: Preparing notes

Revision notes are yet another important aspect of NEET MDS preparation. Refrain from making notes/highlighting
important points in the first reading of a chapter. When you read the chapter for the first time, concentrate only
on understanding the concepts and/or procedures. Start making notes during the second reading. Another important thing to remember here is that the revision notes must be neat and comprehensible.

Tip#05: Balance old and new

When you start your NEET MDS preparation, you come across a lot of topics that were omitted during the UG degree course. Prepare a list of these topics and focus on them. However, dedicate only 60% of your time to these topics. Keep the remaining 40% for revision. Always balance your time between the new topics and those that you have already covered.

Tip#06: Revision is essential

To retain the facts and figures, to be able to recollect them on the exam day, you must revise the entire syllabus of NEET MDS 2023 at least thrice. It takes 2-3 months—varying from person to person—to complete one revision cycle. Revision should not only include the books but also the notes that you have made for NEET MDS preparation.

Tip#07: Change the time-table every few months

A time-table for NEET MDS preparation is a must. You must make sure that you follow the timetable religiously.
But, it should be changed every 2-3 months to avoid monotony. Not changing the routine may lead to boredom and may cause you to lose focus. 

Tip#08: Mock tests and sample papers

NEET MDS sample papers and mock tests will prepare you for the examination. They will help you understand the importance of time while solving the examination. Solving mock tests will also keep in check the habit of marking random answers to complete the question paper.

Tip#09: Analysing test performances

Solving mock tests will improve your speed, but, the accuracy will improve only when you analyse the result of the mock test. A thorough analysis of the mock tests will reveal the topics where you are losing marks. It will give you a chance to work on these topics and will improve your performance in the next test.

Tip#10: Stay motivated and focused

The last yet most important tip is to stay focused during the preparation phase. It is not uncommon for students to lose interest after a point. This causes many to lose track of their NEET MDS preparation 2023 and by the time they realise this, precious time has been lost. To avoid this, make sure that you do not entirely give up on your hobbies and also refrain from overindulging in them. A good timetable will help with this.

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