INI CET 2021 May


After traumatic injury for a pediatric fracture on 54, a very narrow line was observed with bony rounded margins. This is indicative of:



•            According to the Andreasen and Herding – Hanser, root fracture can show healing in following ways:

•            Healing with calcified tissue-Radiographically, the fracture line is visible, but the fragments are in close contact.

•            Healing with interproximal connective tissue: Radiographically, the fragments appear separated by a narrow radiolucent line, and the fractured edges appear rounded.

•            Healing with interproximal bone and connective tissue-Radiographically, a distinct bony ridge separates the fragments

•            Interproximal inflammatory tissue without healing- Radiographically, a widening of the fracture line, a developing radiolucency.

All the 3 types considered success Except interproximal inflammatory tissue without healing, radiographically it shows widening of fracture line.