Pediatric Endodontics



4% glutaraldehyde is applied for how much time?


Glutaraldehyde Pulpotomy

•            Glutaraldehyde has been suggested as an alternative to formocresol as a tissue fixative for vital pulpotomy.

•            Histologic studies showed that it produced rapid surface fixation of pulp tissue but with limited depth of penetration, so a larger amount of radicular pulp tissue remained vital.

•            Fixed pulp tissue may be replaced with dense collagenous tissue over time. Studies have also demonstrated less systemic distribution than was thought to occur with formocresol.

•            Glutaraldehyde has been shown to be rapidly metabolized with little toxic effect.

•            It has also been demonstrated that although glutaraldehyde has antigenic action similar to that of formocresol, it is of a lower potential.