Preventive Dentistry


INI CET 2021 May


True about CPP- ACP:


It is a light-cured sealant that contains the “smart material” amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) that is more resilient and flexible, creating a stronger, longer lasting sealant.

•            ACP is referred to as a “smart material” because it only releases calcium and phosphate ions when the pH drops to 5.9.

•            Once the calcium phosphate is released, it will act to neutralize the acid and buffer the pH.

•            ACP acts as reinforcement to the tooth’s natural defense system only when it is needed.

•            It has a controlled flowability that keeps the sealant on the tooth structure while completely filling occlusal surfaces and it forms a chemical and thermal barrier protecting the tooth enamel on the occlusal surface from carious attacks.

•            For example, Aegis Pit and fissure sealant.


Key concept


•            Dental products with casein phosphopeptide--amorphous calcium phosphate-nanocomplexes (CPP-ACP) are used in several tooth products (toothpastes, chewing gums, mouthrinses) and are as well used in dental filling material.

•            CPP-ACP containing products are supposed to enhance remineralisation of dental hard tissues and thus might play a major role in prevention and therapy of initial caries or erosively dissolved enamel.

•            Furthermore, also in hypersensitive teeth and even cases of hyposalivation, CPP-ACP containing products are supposed to improve the clinical condition